Jimmy's Famous American Tavern x Saucy Stacey

 My boyfriend and I were able to taste such a variety of amazing dishes at Jimmy's Famous American Tavern in their new location in Brea. They were featured on OC Weekly and OC Register, and now we know why their menu is such a hit! The menu here had a nicely curated variety of burgers, flatbreads, salads, and soups to cocktails, beer, wine, desserts, and more! We were seated in a booth in the back, and it captured a casual, but romantic feel with the dim lighting and upbeat music. 

First things first, let's appreciate this bar set up. The lighting was perfect from our angle.  

Left: The Pearfectionist Right: Summer Sunrise

Both of these drink are on the Summer '17 Cocktails list. The Pearfectionist is a perfect pair for your meal (pun intended). It is a bit more on the stronger side in my opinion, but it has Tito's Vodka, Absolut Pear Vodka, pear nectar, and agave. It is sweet and very delicious. This Summer Sunrise is known for their brunches. It's base is Ketal One and Blood Orange Liqueur. The blood orange juice and sparkling float additives made the drink super refreshing! It is my fave!

Town Dock Calamari

This starter dish has fresh calamari with crispy rosemary, sage, and serrano chiles, paired with spicy kemoulade ( aioli/ mayonnaise-based). Squeezing this grilled lemon was extra juicy and pulpy. We really liked that. The crispy rosemary added a nice texture, and the sauce has the perfect level of creaminess with a mild kick of spice. 

Buffalo BBQ Beef Meatballs

Hands down to the best meatballs that we have ever had! They are not listed on the menu when we came, but you can always ask for them. The buffalo spicy wing sauce is tangy with a hint of sweet. It comes with the honey-garlic ranch, which tasted amazing also as a combo.  

 Sante Fe Honey - Poblano Pesto

This flatbread has all the ingredients that I love: chicken, corn, tomato, cilantro, avocado, and pesto! It also comes with onions, which I ordered without. The candied pecans added a very interesting contrasting flavor. This is a must-try when sharing! It is cooked with a thin crispy crust, which is always my preference! 

Left: Blackberry Sangria  Right: Peach Sangria

Let's wine down with some sangrias! Both drinks are also from the Summer '17 Cocktails list. The Blackberry Sangria has Troublemaker GSM, Sacred Bond Orange Liqueur, and sparkling float. Believe it or not, but I am not much of a red wine girl. But this drink is so do-able! My boyfriend Chandler got this drink, while I was feeling a bit peachy. It has Simi Sauvignon Blanc, Sacred Bond Brandy, peach puree, and peach schnapps! If you're looking for a crisp base with refreshing and zesty notes, this is the one!

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

This dish has got me mouth-watering again as I am writing this at midnight. It is actually one of the dishes that they are known for. The crispy texture of this tender juicy chicken was amazing with the mashed potatoes, thyme gravy, and green beans. Every flavor of this dish made it so special, even the green beans! They were slightly salted, which paired nicely with the smooth creamy mashed potatoes. 

Spicy Tequila Shrimp Pasta

This pasta has wider strands, dripped in green chile pesto sauce goodness! Is has sweet fresh shrimp, charred corn, and pepitas (pumpkin seeds). Again, I am obsessed with pesto, so this dish was a must. 


Although we were full, this dessert really hit the spot. The flavors in this dessert will make you go bananas! Besides fresh sliced bananas, it has flavors of white chocolate, pastry cream, and salty caramel sauce. This dessert is served with homemade pecan ice cream, whipped cream, and candied pecans. Centered is a caramel salted cookie!

Can't you believe that we were able to eat all of these plates?? haha just kidding! They made good leftovers for later on that evening. I am so grateful to experience my first time here with my FIC, foodie in crime. 

As Simple as Red, White, & Blue

Lip: Sephora Collection in Coral Sunset
Top: Cotton On | Skirt: OAK (sold out) Boots: Intentionally Blank

Hotter days call for simpler looks! I have a thing for white tops with denim bottoms. I found this cute top at Cotton On the other day with a a silver circle zipper. Hardware with geometric shapes are in, and not just earrings alone.Another gem that I discovered is the Sephora Collection lip stain line! I can't get enough of lipsticks, so I had to try this one out. The texture is so soft and it dries matte. I can be picky with lipsticks' textures, but it feels so smooth on the lips and does not come off sticky at all. The Coral Sunset is a nice red color with an orange tint. This color looks so good with a bronzy face. I have been going to the beach more often, so I am tanner week by week. Gotta love the waters!

Burger Parlor x Saucy Stacey

Gingo Banditio partnered with Burger Parlor to create this beautiful burger called Gringo Banditio Tostada Burger. Here is a little background about the sauce. Gringo Bandito is founded by the lead singer Dexter Holland of The Offspring.

This burger is probably one of the best burgers I have ever had devoured. I was able to meet Joseph Mahon himself, the owner. He talked about this particular burger along with the rest of the menu. The patty is 100% hormone free, with a nice fried egg layered on.  In between the layers include a crisp toastada chip, crushed avocado, Gingo Banditio crema roasted Anaheim chile, and Gringo Banditio Aioli on top! It is quite a big burger, but worth every bite! I love this flavor combination as well as the texture. That crunch crisp tostada chip, oozing yoke, and the hot kick from Gingo Banditio sauce made every bite so mouthwatering! And even better, pair it with a nice pint of beer! We were also able to try the Kevin Bacon & Pastrami Fries! It is basically traditional fries with with melted aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese, cheese sauce, bacon, pastrami, and drizzled house-made hot sauce!

Burger Parlor located in both Fullerton and now in Orange! Featured in OC Weekly, Orange Coast Magazine, it is definitely a place worth trying!