Beautycon Box


I love packages that are curated beautifully like these. The prints and colors from these Beautycon Boxes coordinate so well (hence the coordinate grids haha), definitely pleasing to the eyes! From what I have experienced personally and from the perspective of a consumer, packaging can be such a huge factor! By far, they are my fave! Box 1 is from summer, and Box 2 is from Fall. Scroll down for more info and discount code

Summer Box:
Benzac Acne Solutions - Blemish Clearing Hydrator
Cover FX Contour Brush
Garnier SkinActive - Clearly Brighter Daily Moisturizer
La Fresh - Beauty & Personal Care Wipes
Neutrogena - Ultra Light Cleansing Oil
NYX - Ombre Lip Duo
NYX - Jumbo Eye Pencil
Redken - Fashion Waves Sea Salt Spray
Seventeen - The Edit by Seventeen Promo Card
Too Faced - Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara
VersaSpa - Face Moisterizing Gradual Tanner

DUI - Lash Adhesive
Flutter LAshes - iSlay Lashes
Jouer - Essential Lip Enhancer
Laser Kitten - Sweetheart Lipstick Pin
Luxie Beauty - Luxie Large Angled 504 Brush
Milani Cosmetics - Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow
Mysttic Tan - Mocha-Kyssed Bronzer Lotion
OFRA Cosmetics - Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Mocha
Simple - Cleansing Facial Wipes 
Sugerfina - Sugar Lips

Usually I like to purchase cosmetics when I need it or invest in products for different purposes. These curated boxes are fun and have introduced to some that I really enjoy using right now. Some like Jouer Lip Enhancer is very moisturizing and the Ofra liquid lipstick is amazing! I have this obsession with matte lipsticks. OFRA is very soft, creamy and not drying like the others. There are too many to try them all at once, but I do like a variety of items to try. Opening these do feel like Christmas! haha 

If you are interested, you can take $5 off (expires Nov 30, 2016) your Fall Beautycon box with code STACEYFALL! Click here


In a few more days, I will be marking three-months working with my company. Adjusting to the daily to weekly schedule was a bit tiring, since on the evenings, I would always try to put time aside to see my friends. Other times, I would run errands. Next thing you know, the sky gets dark and the cycle repeats.

In the past two weeks, I realized that I was burning myself out.  I would have goals set for the night, but I would let exhaustion take over. I decided to take a break from always trying to make time for everyone and actually make time for myself. I can't express how important it is to remember that your body, yourself comes first. 

Doing things such as drinking a cup of coffee and relaxing on your bed with Netflix on or anything that makes you content will help distress. I've always felt as if the weekends go by too quick, maybe it's also because you have someone special to spend it with. 

One thing I decided to do was to bring back some subtle colors into my hair. The roots to mid length are more ashy with gray toned purple ends. 

Photos by Rachael Yi

Whether it is taking a break from your busy life to even add color to your hair can make life so much more enjoyable and fulfilling. For me, I love doing things for myself, but I also enjoy balancing time for my love ones. It is all about balance. Now, I also look forward to the weekends to see my special person. 

Punk Rott

          As long as I remember, I have always wanted a dog of my own when I was five. I was hugging and holding on to my friend's dog until my parents "agree" to get me one. Although they never did, I was lucky to be able to become the Auntie of my cousin's dogs. I adore Caesar so much!! My cousin Ann adopted him last year when she was in Florida. This top "Punk Rott" reminds me of when I first met him while visiting Ann in Florida. I woke up one morning with my shoes all bitten. Oh Caesar, I still love him. I can't wait to get my own place and adopt one myself! Arm the Animals is a nonprofit organization who works and donates to over 50 different animal welfare organizations. I have been running and working out more often, so these tanks are perfect for me! If you ever plan on getting a new pet, don't forget to always adopt!