Welcome to My Blog!

         Hello! I am Stacey Nguyen, a fashion merchandising student at California State University, Long Beach. I am also studying public relations as my minor. Growing up in Orange County all my life, I developed this hunger to travel more each year. My goal is to attend each fashion capital's fashion show at least once. I plan to study abroad in the UK during fall 2014. 

 Bring able to express my creativity through photoshoots and projects has helped expand my love for styling. My first shoot with a photographer was actually a friend of school who started her portfolio. I wanted to write about each look since May 2012. Yup, that is when I started my blog. Blogging led to such encounters, sought new opportunities, opened a new field of creativity, and met such amazing friends. 

Music and food is very important to me! I grew up playing the piano and hip hop dancing, so I tend to listen to a variety of genres. I also enjoy trying new food! I love food! Any suggestions, let me know :-)

♥Stacey Nguyen 

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