Style Week Orange County: Cadilliac Couture Show

Style Week OC began with a bang with Cadillac Couture Design Competition at Irvine Spectrum. The host, who was the Project Runway alum, Nick Verreos, engaged the audience with his bold personality and enthusiam. The show then started with the four FIDM designers and their beautiful creations. Their challenge was to design a garment that is inspired by the new Cadilliac ATS with the choice of using or embedding any parts of the car. 

Carol Wong's dress has boning (made by hand) attached to the side that was balanced out by a handmade necklace! Unbelievably beautiful. Her design also included a small clutch with the car's crest. The opening rim of the clutch actually has rhinestones on them, which adds a glamour touch. 

This red flowy dress's designer is Jarret Levin. Observing closely, you can see that the element used to create that fitted upper part of her body is actually the seatbelt! I also love how he used the crest as the center piece as well as in designing for the clutch.

Tylor Purcell claims his design to be "fresh" and "new". The crest was designed to have the flexibility to spin, a fun addition to the garment. His design also came with a more square shaped clutch. 

David Lee's dress was very "couture" in my opinion. The sharp structure of the dress is quite interesting . The piece the model is holding, can be actually be worn on the head as an accessory. 

The Facebook Fan winner is..... Jarrett Levin!

The winner of the competition is David Lee!

Here are some fall trends for some of the stores located in Irvine Spectrum.

The flannel worn at the waist has been very popular lately. This trend is shown with Brandy Meville and Lucky Brand. This grunge look can be worn with shorts for warmer weather since in SoCal, it is still warmer than usual for autumn. And as it becomes colder over time, jeans and pants make the best transition!

This duo combination from American Apparel is my favorite for the night. Casual, comfy, and cute best describes the couple. 

Seeing all the hats and coats, make me so excited to layer up this season!

Another trend I adore from this show is the edgy chic vibe to an outfit. The first outfit from Nordstrom includes very feminine pieces such as the blazer and the heels, but the structured plaid pants with the snapback toned down the look and added a very edgy feel. The second outfit I love is the loosely fitted jumpsuit/ overalls paired with a feminine leopard print crop top.I love beanies! They can make any outfit more casual and fun. Also, they keep your head warm.

The OC bloggers gathered for a picture. It was a very nice get-together for us, since the last time we were all together was at a show in LA over the summer.

Nick proposed we do a "blogger" pose, since most of us are typically updating on Instagram and Twitter.

         This was my first show at the Irvine Spectrum. With the pieces shown from each store, I crave to shop more! Hope you find some sort of inspiration from the pieces and see what you can put together for this season! New season means adding more layers, I am definitely excited!


  1. looks so fun : ) keep holdin it down in the OC

  2. you three look so beautiful and you are very lucky to visit a fashion show , bet it was great :)


  3. you look wonderful and that show must have been great to watch :)

  4. OMG......dying over all of these pics. that night was so fun!! Thanks for being an awesome blogger gal pal! Blogiteers! :)
    ❤Amanda |

  5. such a nice show *_*your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  6. Totally awesome, Irvine Spectrum is just 10 minutes away from me, so sad I couldn't make !

    You are so gorgeous!