Abroad in Coventry, England

A month has flown by, and everyday England would cross my mind. I originally wanted to study in London because it is such an ideal city for the fashion studies. Coventry is a smaller city, and it does not offer as much as London in terms of festivities and attractions. But you know, I had the best four months of my life!

At the Coventry University, I was about to adjust to a different school system. I learned how to accept challenges that I had to face. I learned how to sew and self taught myself how to utilize photoshop and illustrator in order to complete design projects for the module I was taking. In the video you will briefly see my progress in learning how to design a backpack for Clothes Show Live. I am so proud to say I was able to participate in this once in a life time experience.

While living there, the bus, rail, and tube became a lifestyle. Walking was my preferred method to get to Uni and especially to Sainsbury or the City Centre for grocery. At my first house, I lived with five other individuals. Two were from Greece, one was from London, one was from Nigeria, and one was my fellow CSULB course mate. We would walk past the Canal Basin everyday and cross the bridge before getting to the City Centre. Raining or not, we adapted to the weather as well. Light rain was not a big deal anymore. I got to admit, I started to enjoy the weather because I can finally know how it is like to have the feel of all four seasons. Layering is definitely fun in this weather!

The house, the streets, everything was for foreign in my eyes. Narrow yet taller house right next to each other. Cars parked halfway on the pavement. Stores closing so early. Adapting took quite some time, but I enjoyed this new change. Like people say, you learn so much about yourself when you are placed in a new environment. I definitely became even more independent. I realized that I can cook pretty well! haha I love mixing my sauces. "Lazy Garlic", chili flakes, salt, and pepper! The must have ingredients for me! I would always be cooking up a new recipe.

When I first came into England, I have only met a girl who is also in my major, but I did not know anyone. To be honest though, I was not scared. I know that meeting friends wouldn't be too hard.
From meeting friends from classrooms to freshers week to bar crawls and endless festivities, I enjoyed exchanging cultures so much! One moment I will always remember was on my 22nd birthday celebration, our newly arrived housemate from Japan was teaching his culture dance to everyone else in the room. It was such a beautiful moment. Some of the most remembered nights had to be bringing Thanksgiving to Coventry, Bonfire Night, NYE in London, and other nights at Quid's Inn or JJ's. Friends from the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Greece, Canada, Nigeria, and more! Every person I have met had given such a contribution to this trip.

After my Europe trip in December, I moved into the "Meriden" house for a few weeks. I was with mainly students now my family. We became so damn close. Towards the end, I had such a hard time. I was so in tuned with my emotions. Each goodbye became endless tears. But I do remind myself til this day that it is not the end. I know that one day I will be back. I may be there to visit or to work, who knows. If you ever have thoughts of going abroad to study or just to travel, I say just go for it! Ahh I am already getting worked up after writing this post. The experience, the feeling you will have is so worth every pound! Stay tuned for my vlogs and posts on my other travels in the UK and Europe! :)

I love Fargo Village! You must visit if you happen to be in Coventry. 

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