Cozy Cabin Date

Briggs in Brown/Olive

Casual Slip on in Burgundy

          A few weeks ago, my boyfriend planned a Big Bear trip for us; and it was absolutely magical! It was actually my first experience in the snow too! It was the day after snowboarding (mainly falling), we had a "lazy" afternoon at our cabin. It began to snow, and winds started to pick up, but it was so beautiful!! I finally had a white winter! We walked around in our new Sketchers and letting the snowflakes hit our faces. The one I am wearing are the Casual Slip on in Burgundy, and Chandler has the Briggs in Brown/Olive. I thought it was pretty cool that it has memory foam for the soles. If his were available in women's, I would totally match with him! That weekend was the best birthday trip I have ever had, especially with my first love. I have always believed that it is worth the wait for someone who makes you extremely happy. And being with him just feels right, as is we are meant for each other. Ohhhh I can't wait for more to come! Next celebration, Valentine's day, and he'll be the first too. Maybe you can gift your love one a pair; click on the names for links! Happy Friday!     

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  1. Looks like you had fun !