Birthday Boy

La Jolla Cove, San Diego

          This weekend in San Diego is one of the most beautiful trips that I have ever taken. Although San Diego is about a two hour drive from home, it is such a breathtaking city from the beaches to the city. It is also the most anxious trip that I had planned aka bad-ass birthday surprise!

My boyfriend's birthday was the end of April, which we all planned to camp that weekend. I still wanted to plan something special for him, for us. It was the day before we went, I had a crazy idea to go to San Diego since we had talked about it a month prior. I LOVE planning surprises but at the same time they make me so anxious. I found this modern clean place called Kimpton Hotel Palomar. Looking for a room last minute can be hard and expensive, but the app Hotel Tonight made it happen! 

Let me tell you how I surprised him. I came over early the next day, while he was slightly awake. When he got out of the shower, I said,"Pack up your stuff because there's a place that we need to be in a few hours." His confused expression was so adorable! haha I didn't tell him where we were going, until freeway signs made it obvious (should have blindfolded him jk). As we near our hotel, my heart raced faster. I couldn't believe how inviting it appeared! We made it in time for happy hour. Complimentary drinks were served right after we checked in. What a way to start our day!
The room was entirely a dream! It was a few stories high, and you can see a view of the Gas Lamp district. It was central to many walking distanced restaurants and bars, as well as Lyfts to other districts.

I waited to wear this satin burgundy dress for the perfect occasion, and so was that night. Chandler looked so handsome as always. I reserved an American/ Latin American restaurant via Open Table that same night I booked our room. I like how convenient this platform is when you miss the restaurant's hours. Okay let me tell you, this place is so good! We had a few tapas from the pork belly flatbread to the skewers platter. We then walked about Little Italy to Downtown for some drinks. I enjoy walking, especially with my baby. We would people watch, and it is always so nice to wander around in a new environment. Two foodies became two drunkies shortly.

Our last day in San Diego was adventurously filled! We stopped by the Museum of Contemporary Art  before we headed out to the waters. We went to La Jolla Cove, which is always full of tourists and sea lions. The weather that day was so nice, sunny and slightly breezy. Eating some gelato and soaking in that sun was so relaxing. I then took him to the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge! I really wish this trip was extended, but I guess that calls for a second SD trip!

This trip was so successful; I was able to take him to all the places and spots that he has never seen or tried before. I always love trying new things and places with my love. More places will be awaiting us! 😉

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