Fox and Moon Clothing x Chloe&Isabel Trunk Show

Last Saturday I hosted a  trunk show with Chloe and Isabel at a lovely boutique in Long Beach. 

Bethany is so kind to host a raffle along with the giveaway on my blog. 

Wish we retook this picture!

This is the first look I put together. I want to send a romantic yet edgy casual vibe. Lace trims always add that sweet soft touch to a look. And I think when tying the top with a knot on the side for a casual finish. 


Don't you just love this necklace from Chloe+Isabel? It reminds me of a mermaid's scale, adding such a statement to a simple look. 

Adding a chunky warm outerwear for the colder weather.

Thank you Amanda from FeasFashionFaves for coming out and play dress up with  me! 

I love this head piece! It makes me feel like I am a bohemian princess! haha

Thank you for those who came to visit, I truly appreciate it! 


  1. Love this post! Thanks again Stacey, your are so sweet!

    (p.s. I wish we had re-taken that pic with my eyes closed too!)

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