Punk Rott

          As long as I remember, I have always wanted a dog of my own when I was five. I was hugging and holding on to my friend's dog until my parents "agree" to get me one. Although they never did, I was lucky to be able to become the Auntie of my cousin's dogs. I adore Caesar so much!! My cousin Ann adopted him last year when she was in Florida. This top "Punk Rott" reminds me of when I first met him while visiting Ann in Florida. I woke up one morning with my shoes all bitten. Oh Caesar, I still love him. I can't wait to get my own place and adopt one myself! Arm the Animals is a nonprofit organization who works and donates to over 50 different animal welfare organizations. I have been running and working out more often, so these tanks are perfect for me! If you ever plan on getting a new pet, don't forget to always adopt!



  1. he is so cute! We have a cat but we really want to adopt a dog as well! :)

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  2. Cute outfit and dog !


  3. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx