In a few more days, I will be marking three-months working with my company. Adjusting to the daily to weekly schedule was a bit tiring, since on the evenings, I would always try to put time aside to see my friends. Other times, I would run errands. Next thing you know, the sky gets dark and the cycle repeats.

In the past two weeks, I realized that I was burning myself out.  I would have goals set for the night, but I would let exhaustion take over. I decided to take a break from always trying to make time for everyone and actually make time for myself. I can't express how important it is to remember that your body, yourself comes first. 

Doing things such as drinking a cup of coffee and relaxing on your bed with Netflix on or anything that makes you content will help distress. I've always felt as if the weekends go by too quick, maybe it's also because you have someone special to spend it with. 

One thing I decided to do was to bring back some subtle colors into my hair. The roots to mid length are more ashy with gray toned purple ends. 

Photos by Rachael Yi

Whether it is taking a break from your busy life to even add color to your hair can make life so much more enjoyable and fulfilling. For me, I love doing things for myself, but I also enjoy balancing time for my love ones. It is all about balance. Now, I also look forward to the weekends to see my special person.