New York Fashion Tour: Day 1

During winter break, I went on a study away trip for a week in Manhattan with the girls under the fashion merchandising major. I have always wanted to take a stroll in the NYC and let my eyes dilate at such beauty. First day was extremely tiring since I did not get to sleep on the plane, and when we arrived at the hotel, it was already time to eat and head off to the first activity! 

First day we:
-Had a NYC Guided Tour by bus with R. Scott Piedmont 
-Chelsea Market
-Shopping in Soho (*Uniqlo)
-Empire State Building 
-Book of Mormon 

Charging Bull - Bowling Green Park

Chelsea Market!

Hearty Hale's
Looking at these beautiful sweets make me want to bake!
First time on NY Subways! 
Finally get to visit this store!  

At VS, So gorgeous!  

The Empire State Building looks really cool at night.

We are heading to The Book of Mormon ! 

First night was so breathtaking, especially with these girls. 
Thank you again Mindi for the tickets. It was my first musical broadway show too. What an experience! I love NY already!

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