New York Fashion Tour: Day 2

Second day was even more exciting! We had the opportunity to check out Adoni Group/ Modern Vice's factory. Those brands, including the Giraffe Walk that we observed were founded by the Adoni brothers Jordan and Jensen. After that, we stopped by the Izquierdo Studio, where the famous Victoria Secret's wings are made, as well as other costume related pieces such as: Miss USA, Spiderman, Broadway Musicals, etc. Seeing Austin Scarlett from project Runway there was a surprise! Lastly, we had a tour inside Teen Vogue's office! 

Austin Scarlett from Project Runway

Miss Universe 2010 Golden Eagle 

For Victoria Secret & the Monster Designs for the Movie, The Village


Although we got lost for a few hours getting to and back from Serendipity, the England Clam Chowder and the Frozen Hot Chocolate was worth it! 

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