Thrift Shop Social

      This was my first social with the Students In Fashion, which is a club that focuses on fashion obviously, but we have socials, events, guest speakers, workshops, etc! I am really excited for this semester with them. But the theme of this social is Thrift Shop, so I put an outfit together, something I would not wear out on the streets, but I like how ever piece was thrifted, even my bag! Fortunately, I won for the craftiest thrifted outfit,  and won a small purse bag from Volcom. It is not out yet, since it is a piece for the summer collection, but I am so lucky! Good music, good vibes, good company. After that night, I feel like popping tabs. 

OOTD, before I put on my thrifty nifty clothes

Outerwear (Michael Kors) : Salvation Army
Top (DKNY): Salvation Army
Shorts: Thrifted and fixed by friend
Shoes: Roadium
Bag: Salvation Army

♥ Stacey Nguyen ♥
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  1. If it has, this probably means it has never been worn before by the previous owner. The person might not have fitted it and never got around to returning it to the original store.
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